Placing Your Trust, and Your Manuscript, in the Right Hands


The Red Clay Writing Conference has come to a close, bringing with it, a renewed excitement both for myself and workshop participants who seek publication. If you’re an aspiring author, workshops such as those offered at Red Clay is crucial to educating writers about the craft. Conferences provide accurate information presented by veteran authors, and also provide the perfect opportunity to form friendships with other authors.

Over a decade ago I attended my first writing conference: The Blue Ridge Writing Conference, which I believe was instrumental in launching my writing career. At Blue Ridge I met Terry Kay who said, while signing the books I purchased, “You’re a writer, and if you want to be successful, do as I have suggested.”

I nodded. Wiped tears from my eyes, and left determined to do exactly as The Legendary Terry Kay instructed. It is a terrible mistake to disregard the advice of successful author. Those who set out to do things “their way,” eventually learn a valuable lesson about publishing: everyone is writing a book. Only those who polish their product, and act in an honest-professional manner, succeed.

A decade later, with the help of critique colleagues I met at the Atlanta Writers Club, I have achieved many writing goals and been blessed beyond belief with publication, a reader following, and dear friendships.

This year Red Clay featured Carol Crawford, Blue Ridge Writing Conference Coordinator. Carol is the same lady who had a dream of connecting writers. She created the Blue Ridge Conference, and played a part in launching the careers of many authors, including mine.

That is the magical part of being an author; we are all connected. After I thanked Carol for establishing the Blue Ridge Writing Conference I reflected, and realized that truly great authors have one thing in common and it isn’t the number of books they sell. Great authors possess a generous spirit when it comes to helping others.

At Red Clay I met emerging talent who, with time and hard work, will achieve their dream of publication. I also met some who had placed their trust in the wrong people, hiring writing coaches and editors who had no previous publication experience!

Dear Ones, please, I beg you, do not trust your manuscript to someone who doesn’t have publishing experience. It isn’t possible for someone to advise you about the publishing process if they haven’t penned a manuscript.

With that said I am announcing a new venture as a writing coach. After speaking to my colleagues I realized that I served as a writing coach for many years. My workshops already include tips about the pathway to publication. My services as a writing coach will include concept critiques of your work, with light editing if necessary.

My schedule is already filling up. In fact, several Red Clay participants have hired me. Before you query and agent, before you submit a manuscript, before you type “The End” you should strongly consider my services.

Your manuscript deserves to be read by a professional.

Please feel free to contact me via email.


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