Hire Renea as your Writing Coach

headshotRenea offers manuscript concept critiques which include light edits if necessary. Renea recognizes good writing, strong characters, and interesting plots. Renea only accepts clients who are dedicated to fleshing out the best possible manuscript.

To become an author means to enter an honorable profession. Many people publish, but few become successful authors with a loyal reader following. While authors are artists, they are also professionals, and being a professional means authors must understand that they are defined by their work, their habits, their finished product, and their communication skills when meeting readers. Integrity and professionalism, not a printed book, determines success.

Egos are not welcome during the manuscript editing process. Authors should not defend their work. If an author disagrees with suggested edits it is his/her prerogative to make suggested changes, or keep the manuscript as written, but not waste time defending their work.

Authors should understand that no author is perfect, no manuscript is perfect, and no printed book is perfect. Renea’s goal is to help create the best possible manuscript. Renea does not guarantee that her services will lead to publication; however, many of her clients have seen their work published by a variety of presses including St. Martin’s Press.

Contact Renea via email ReneaWrites(at)gmail(dot)com


What Renea’s Clients say . . . 

Your critique pointed out one significant and almost unforgivable shortfall: I have no doubt that Sanctuary and its sequel, Anathema, is a compelling story with colorful characters. However, your brief critique caused me to take a timeout to reread the manuscript again. The excessive exclamations stood out and were the first to catch my eye.─M. Brown

Thank you again for your enthusiasm. It motivates me to continue to work on my whole memoir about my Eastern European Family.─B. Tedrow

My story was just accepted for publication! ─B. Whitehouse

Bless you Renea.  You have been a becon of light in my attempt to navigate this journey.
L. Aradi

 You’re positively charming and your common-sense advice makes the creative juices flow.‘Techno-phobia’ keeps me from networking much (working on that), but I’m more than inspired by your help. ─L. Jones

About Renea:

Renea is an award-winning author, blogger, and Georgia Writers Group Board Member. She is a passionate friend of SIBA and local independent booksellers throughout the south. Renea is vested in the writing community of North Carolina and Georgia and has judged multiple writing competitions. Every client she accepts has seen their work published either traditionally or via self-publication.    



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