Editing Services

gawriterscritiques.pngAgents often tell me, “The manuscripts I receive are filled with mistakes. An author assures me the manuscript has been edited, but in reality they’ve done nothing more than have a friend read their work.”

These professional agents go on to confide, “You wouldn’t believe how many manuscripts I receive with errors on the first page . . . sometimes in the first sentence.”

Here is the truth: A friend who reads your manuscript is not an editor. A friend who reads your manuscript is what the industry calls an “early reader.” An experienced author can help you achieve publication.

An early reader smiles and nods. An early reader rarely makes a suggestion; and let’s be honest, every manuscript usually needs a touch up here and there. If you think your manuscript is perfect please stop reading this post.

A writing coach reads for content, performs concept edits, and offers suggestions.

In a nutshell, that is what I do.

The Process:

I take your manuscript and tighten it.

I weed out unnecessary words.

I make suggestions.

I point out the obvious. Example: fonts don’t match. You have forgotten headers, page numbers, end quotes. “The Work” features pages of dialogue, yet it is difficult to determine who is speaking.

I listen to your characters as they tell me their story (you work for them; I do as well). If the characters do not tell me a story, the manuscript needs work.

I also review query letters and synopsis.

I perform this service for a nominal fee of $2.00 a page, and because my price is half the industry standard, I only accept authors who are professional and serious about seeing their work through to publication. I do not accept all manuscripts submitted; doing so devalues my services. And while I am eager to assist all authors regardless of experience, after twelve years in the industry, my services are not free. My clients achieve their publication dreams.

My Expectations:

No egos.

Submit your best work, please.

The author submits a hard-copy document of “The Work” (double-spaced, one-inch margin, single spaced after punctuation), which I read, make notations, and return with a typewritten letter offering my suggestions.

The author is free to change content, or make no corrections.

Isn’t that simple?

If you are interested in my services send an email to: reneawrites(at)gmail(dot)com

My best to you, always.

Renea Winchester